Compuware Release Supports Integrated Application, Network Performance Management

The release also offers new capabilities for monitoring cloud, mobile and "Big Data" applications, and it marks the next phase of Compuware's efforts to integrate its DynaTrace acquisition with the core APM platform. Compuware acquired DynaTrace in July 2011 and it's a sub-brand under the Compuware APM brand.

"It all relates to faster problem identification and root-cause analysis," said Jeff Loeb, Compuware product and solutions marketing vice president, in an interview about the new Compuware APM release.

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The enhancements are also a boost for Compuware channel partners because the software's automated capabilities make it easier for solution providers to work with the technology, Loeb said, and because the improvements make it attractive to a wider audience.

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The new release uses single points of instrumentation for network diagnostics in the context of application performance, according to the company. It also offers pre-built dashboards that provide a single view of application and network performance, including for Web and on-premise applications.

The system also monitors private cloud and virtualized systems, and provides "auto-correlated, code-level analysis" for drilling down to find the root cause of application problems using the DynaTrace PurePath analysis technology.

Compuware has enhanced the DynaTrace Enterprise system to provide what it calls "deep transaction management" for cloud and Big Data applications. It now offers visibility into both Cassandra NoSQL and Hadoop Map/Reduce Big Data environments through the use of analytics and dashboards. And the PurePath auto-discovery, auto-adaptive instrumentation provides more visibility into multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments.

And Compuware has improved the Compuware User Experience Management technology for monitoring the performance of mobile native and browser-based applications, what the vendor calls the increasingly complex "edge of the Internet."

DynaTrace PurePath can now drill down into code-level details, incidents and visit histories for applications running with all browsers and all device types. Loeb said IT managers could now compile application metrics such as transaction abandonment rates by using the system.

"It's our belief that native mobile applications are becoming increasingly critical, and so it's becoming more important to monitor their performance," Loeb said. "Performance is really starting to matter."

Compuware also has changed some of the packaging for the APM Platform to make implementation easier and to lower the starting price to below $100,000, Loeb said. The new release will be generally available this month.