Video: Alexander Open Systems Invests In Its Own Data Center

In an interview with CRN TV's Chad Berndtson, Thatcher Alexander, area president of AOS, said his company is purchasing a data center for cloud services and hosting, which should be completed this summer.

"We see the cloud data center being another specialization for us," Alexander said. "What drove us to make the decision was the services that you can provide out of that [cloud data center]."

Tying the cloud and data center to professional services is the key, Alexander said, because services have emerged as the biggest driver for AOS today. "We're having a stellar year -- a record year -- for services," he said. "For us, it all starts with services."

Alexander said it's not just the data center driving AOS' professional services -- it's end users, too, with client and mobile devices. He added that AOS is seeing a major uptick in mobility as well.

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For more on AOS' data center plans, watch the full CRN TV interview with Thatcher Alexander.