Dell Trumpets Q1 Server Gains, HP Disputes Data

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Haas, for his part, said market data clearly shows that customers are voting with their wallets and are not concerned about uncertainty stemming from the Dell leveraged buyout as they make server and enterprise solution IT decisions.

"There is no concern from customers," Haas said. "As a matter of fact, they have a much higher concern about instability and uncertainty of our core competitor in this space."

When asked specifically about uncertainty surrounding HP, Haas, a former nine-year HP veteran who at one time headed up HP's networking business and before that was global head of corporate M&A for HP, pointed to the turnover at HP with "three CEOs in three years, most core businesses in decline, massive debt [and] executive attrition. If you wanted to define uncertainty, those would be four key things."

Solution providers, for their part, say Dell's robust channel engagement model with a single account manager being compensated for all sales going through a partner is translating into higher server market share for the company. In contrast, they said, HP has multiple partner business managers compensated on individual siloed businesses such as enterprise, software or printing and personal systems.

"Dell has one account manager to help me drive my business," said one enterprise solution provider CEO, who has significant Dell and HP business and did not want to be identified. "My Dell partner manager gets comped and covered on everything we do. HP's partner business model is siloed with multiple partner reps that don't get comped on everything. That siloed approach is leading partners to sell other vendor lines whose partner coverage model is more robust. I want a single HP PBM [partner business manager] that gets comped on everything and covers all products so they are vested in all our business and growth."

Debi Bush, CEO of CMIT Solutions of Denver (Colo.), said Dell's channel success with her company is due in large part to a solid channel team at Dell. She said Dell's leveraged buyout has not slowed Dell's market momentum.

"I haven't gotten any concerns from clients," she said. "That hasn't come up. We haven't been concerned with it and business continues to grow."

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