Huawei's ICT Nation Aims To Unite Partners, Vendors, CIOs In One Community

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Dave Harmon, president of HVE Connecxions, a Waxachie, Texas-based solution provider and Huawei partner that counts Huawei as a data center networking and virtualization customer, said he likes the ICT Nation philosophy.

"I remember back in the telecom space with Nortel and Fujitsu, and everyone was talking about convergence similar to what Huawei is saying about ICT," Harmon said. "We were talking about that single-pane-of-glass management."

Both Netfast Communications' Asady and Harmon said, however, that Huawei needs to overcome U.S. government concerns about potential security issues related to its China-based parent organization.

These concerns can be overcome, Asady said. He cited IBM's 2004 sale of its PC business to China-based Lenovo and the initial resistance to that sale.

"Now look at IBM's possible sale of its server business to Lenovo," he said. "And Lenovo ThinkPads are in use everywhere in the U.S. There are third-party companies in the U.S. who can certify that Huawei is not a security threat."

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