HP Intros New Intel Atom Avoton-based Moonshot Server Cartridge

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The new Atom Avoton-based cartridges, on the other hand, work with front-end web application as well as Memcached tiers for caching in front-end web applications, Gromala said. "They are now suitable for a hosting application, and can handle SQL and NoSQL big data applications as well," he said.

"Customers are running all tiers of their web applications in a single box with Moonshot," he said. "There's no need to go off the box."

Release of the Atom Avoton-based cartridge for the HP Moonshot servers depends on Intel's planned release for the processors themselves, Gromala said.

For now, Moonshot servers with the new processors are available in HP's Discovery Labs to give customers a chance to start developing applications, he said.

Going forward, HP plans to release multiple server cartridges for the Moonshot server chassis.

Gromala confirmed channel reports that HP in October plans to start unveiling cartridges based on AMD's GPU chips for content delivery, client, gaming and video-processing applications, on a Texas Instruments-based DSP (digital signal processor) with ARM32 CPU for voice recognition and seismic processing, and on a Calxeda ARM32 processor for web and hosting, analytics, and NoSQL and NewSQL applications.

Analyst firm Stifel Nicolaus Equity Research wrote in a recent research note that HP also plans to introduce storage-specific cartridges featuring hard drives and flash storage-optimized technology, as well as cartridges with enhanced top-of-rack switching capabilities.



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