Oracle OpenWorld: Ellison Touts New In-Memory Database Technology

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Advanced Systems Group's Kellough said the Oracle in-memory database solution looks very interesting.

"The rest of the IT industry is adding flash to their systems to speed performance, which is faster than spinning disk," he said. "Oracle is now providing even more efficiency by adding memory to the solution.

"Ellison's demo showed even better numbers than claimed," he said. "How does it compare on typical workloads? We don't know yet. But the technology approach is interesting."

The new SPARC M6 12-core processor on which the M6-32 Big Memory Machine is built is similar to the SPARC M5 but has double the number of cores and costs the same, said John Fowler, Oracle's executive vice president of systems.

The SPARC M6 was released only six months after the release of the SPARC M5 and the SPARC T5 processor, Fowler told solution providers attending Oracle OpenWorld.

"You can book and take orders now," he said. "This is not a theoretical thing."

Ellison also used Oracle OpenWorld to introduce the Oracle Database Backup, Logging and Recovery Appliance, designed specifically for backing up and restoring data bases.

The new appliance works by backing up log changes related to changes in the database as they happen so that an up-to-the-minute copy of the data can be restored at any point in case the production version of the database goes down, Ellison said.



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