HP Preps Moonshot For New Calxeda ARM Technology

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The new EnergyCore ECX-2000 ARM modules from Calxeda run at up to 1.8GHz compared with 1.1GHz in the original ECX-1000 modules, said Karl Freund, vice president of marketing at Austin, Texas-based Calxeda.

The ECX-2000, like the ECX-1000, has a 32-bit instruction set. However, Freund said, the ECX-2000 features an extra 8 bits for memory address extension, allowing each processor to address 16 GB of memory, or four times the original, he said.

The new server-on-chip modules are certified for use with the Canonical Ubuntu 13.10 operating system and work with the Havana release of OpenStack, Freund said. There also is a development cloud that allows Apache open-source software to run on the modules. They run Inktank's enterprise version of the open-source storage software Ceph as well, he said.

Overall, Calxeda is offering customers the ability to build clouds on ARM-based infrastructures for the first time, he said.

Looking forward, Calxeda plans to launch a 64-bit ARM module, code-named Sarita, which is pin-compatible with the new ECX-2000, he said. That will be followed by Lago, a higher-performance 64-bit ARM module that is not pin-compatible with the ECX-2000, he said.


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