Stratus Technologies Acquired By Investor, Plans Fault-Tolerant Software, Cloud Push

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Gorcester, whose company started working with Stratus after that vendor's acquisition of Marathon, said he expects no real change in how Stratus works with the channel after being acquired by Siris.

"There was no big change when Stratus acquired Marathon," he said. "A good many of the people we worked with over the past decades have transitioned."

Gorcester said he has always been impressed with Marathon's and now Stratus' everRun technology. "It's always worked as advertised," he said. "And support is excellent. It has to be. The promise of everRun is uptime. We don't expect downtime with these solutions."

Stratus' fault-tolerant server business continues to grow, albeit at the same single-digit growth rate of the server industry, in general, Dessau said.

The company is investing  heavily on the software and cloud side, with cloud being a real growth opportunity, he said.

"EverRun makes virtual servers run continually," he said. "The cloud is really a large number of virtual servers. We've announced we're developing cloud solutions for customers building private clouds using OpenStack."



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