Michael Dell: Dell Channel Sales Transformation Is Ahead Of Plan

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Another top exclusive Dell partner, who did not want to be identified, said he was excited by the prospect of the joint account planning, but that it "feels like we are waiting for this program to get off the ground. We had hoped to see lot more Dell business, but it hasn’t materialized yet. Dell’s new channel strategy has brought us a trickle of new business, not the flow we had hoped.”

When asked who makes the final call on which partners get an account, Dell Channel Chief Cheryl Cook said: "We actually work jointly with the local sales leadership and we put teaming arrangements in place with the partners on the relationship and the investment."

Yet another Dell partner, who did not want to be identified, said program specifics are not coming into focus fast enough. “Of course we want this to rollout as fast as it can. But the key for us is engaging with field reps, getting more clarity on how to identify more accounts, and being crystal clear on the rules of engagement,” said the Dell-exclusive partner. “The devil is always in the details.” He said nagging questions remain such as who leads the new accounts, who owns the jointly managed accounts and what type of accounts is Dell moving to the co-selling model.

Dell channel executives trumpeted the 200,000 accounts initiative as a game changer aimed at doubling Dell channel sales from just 33 percent of global commercial business to as much as 60 percent as it moves to grow its enterprise sales footprint as a private company.  

Dell executives were mum on the exact number of accounts that have moved to the channel since the program was announced in December and officially launched February 1. Haas said in India Dell has moved 9,500 accounts from direct to a co-managed managed with channel partners. He said, in North America, the target number of accounts to move to the channel is still 200,000.

Haas said the channel transformation represents a major shift in how Dell goes to market. "A big part of what we did in early December is we moved the channel team into the general sales team," he said. "We did not want to continue to emulate siloed go-to-market motions. We felt it was much better for us to have a holistic view as to how we cover as much of the total addressable market as possible with one team."

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