Vapor IO Emerges From Stealth Mode Ready To Disrupt The Data Center

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Vapor IO, a startup based in Austin, Texas, that emerged from stealth mode on Tuesday, is betting that the data centers of the future -- the ones that will power the Internet of Things -- will be compact, geographically dispersed and intelligent.

Cole Crawford, Vapor IO's founder and CEO, said the technology his company developed over the last nine months -- a hyper-collapsed server rack, management and analytics software, and open-source server monitoring solution -- was born out of where he sees the industry headed.

"If I'm forecasting correctly, I kind of see a tale of two clouds," Crawford, one of the founding members of the OpenStack project, told CRN.

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There's "the one cloud we all know and love, the one we always use," which, these days, often resides in a server farm that consumes 100 megawatts of power.

But another cloud is emerging, Crawford said, one that is geographically desegregated. That cloud exists in data centers that are more manifold, with smaller footprints and located in denser urban areas, on the edge of major networks. Data centers of that form factor, consuming maybe one or two megawatts, will power the emerging Internet of Things, he said.

"You're not going to put 100 megawatts into urban infrastructure, in Downtown New York or Chicago," Crawford said.

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