Vapor IO Emerges From Stealth Mode Ready To Disrupt The Data Center

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That's why he believes it’s the right time to bring Vapor IO to market.

"I think it’s the perfect time to disrupt the industry at lower levels than the IT equipment itself. I don't think you're going to see another new Dell or HP. I think that battle's been fought," Crawford said.

The physical component of Vapor IO's solution is the Vapor Chamber, a futuristic-looking, hexagonal superstructure about 9 feet in diameter. Chamber offers a hyper-collapsed design for consolidating servers in a rack to achieve physical density.

Vapor Chamber is designed for easy setup and deployment. It's delivered ready for users to hook up external cooling, turn on, and start loading the OS and other software components.

"The economics of what we're building out, with all the physical infrastructure, including IT infrastructure in the middle, we deliver this to you at a price significantly lower than going to a greenfield site and building a purposeful data center," Crawford told CRN.

Vapor Chamber can suit the needs of managed service providers hosting infrastructure for many clients, or individual enterprises.

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