Sources: RES Software Hires Former Citrix Sales VP Monserrat As New CEO

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Jason Heinrich, general manager of mobility at Varrow, a Greensboro, N.C.-based firm that partners with RES Software and AppSense, told CRN he thinks UEM is going to be table stakes for both Citrix and VMware connection brokers.  

"VMware aims to redefine end-user computing and has painted a clear picture of how they are tying together all their acquisitions in a coherent way," Heinrich said. "Citrix has a powerful and versatile delivery model with Flexcast, but are focused more on improving current state, rather than redefining it."

Ravi Khatod, senior vice president of products and business development at AppSense, told CRN he thinks Monserrat joining RES Software will help validate the UEM space. "UEM is a critical part of any desktop virtualization project," he said.

One longtime partner of RES Software and AppSense said each vendor's technology has its own unique advantages.

"Historically, AppSense has been better at the user interface and getting low-level systems admins to function at a higher level using their portal," said the source, who didn't want to be named. "RES is a great tool if you are a hyper-tech geek who knows everything about Windows registry."



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