Dell EMC Targets SMBs With Launch Of New Data Domain Platform


As part of Dell EMC's massive storage offensive in 2018, the company is extending its popular Data Domain data protection line into the SMB market with the launch of its new cloud-ready platform: the DD3300.

"There are many customers that are going to benefit from bringing Data Domain down into the small to medium tier," said Robert Keblusek, CTO of Sentinel Technologies, a Downers Grove, Ill.-based Dell EMC partner ranked No. 117 on the 2017 CRN Solution Provider 500 list. "Many smaller customers are really looking for that ability to have a copy of their data or long-term retention and leverage some of the efficiencies of the mass amount of cloud storage available ... So this is going to be great news for a lot of our customers."

Dell EMC's new Data Domain DD3300 was specifically designed for SMBs and remote/branch offices with multi-site scalability that provides ongoing protection of data residing on it with data verification and encryption.

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The DD3300 enables smaller IT environments to extend to the cloud for long-term retention, leveraging Data Domain Cloud Tier. Customers can natively-tier de-duplicated data to the cloud for long-term retention without the need for a separate cloud gateway or a virtual appliance. Twice the capacity of the DD3300's active tier can be sent to the cloud, enabling management of up to 4.8 PB of logical capacity from a single appliance, according to Ruya Barrett, vice president of marketing for Data Protection at Dell EMC.

"It's small and robust. It provides coverage for a wide protected applications ecosystem, including applications in a 2U appliance, and it's incredibly scalable," said Barrett, in an interview with CRN.

"When we look at the breadth of customers that we are now looking to service with Dell Technologies, SMB is becoming a big focus for us in terms of the product portfolio," she said. "We feel DD3000 is going to meet about 99 percent of those market requirements in terms of scale at the best cost."

Barrett said by pairing DD3300 and Dell EMC Data Protection software, customers can leverage Data Domain Cloud Disaster Recovery. Virtual machine images protected on DD3300 are copied to object storage within AWS for a cost-efficient disaster recovery solution that takes advantage of the cloud.

"We have one of the most VMware integrate data protection portfolios compared to anyone else in terms of the level of automation and native tool integration into vRealize, vSAN. We've been working and making those investments in our software to make sure that we're taking the full breadth of integration and automation with VMware to the point where people can basically manage their recoverability operations directly from the VMware user interface," said Barrett. "If you pair our DD3300 with our data protection software, that's when customers will get the best advantage of our VMware integration capabilities and advanced automation."

Keblusek said Sentinel is having huge success selling Data Domain products inside its own CloudSelect backup as-a-service offering.

"Our customers benefit from the savings due to the incredible reduction of the data domain platform using de-duplication and compression. Long-term cloud retention has become a high priority for our customers looking to retain critical data while leveraging the cost efficiencies of cloud storage," said Keblusek. "The [DD3300] is a much-welcomed addition."

Dell EMC is waging an all-out assault on the storage market, having invested $2 billion and hiring 1,200 new storage sales specialists over the past 13 months.