CyberPower Launches ‘Innovative’ UPS System With 25% Partner Margin

Partners selling the new CyberPower Smart App UPS Online systems typically make between 15 percent to 25 percent margins.

CyberPower Systems, which received a five-star rating in CRN’s 2019 Partner Program Guide, is launching a new UPS system that provides channel partners upwards of 25 percent margins.

“This product line is typically between 15 [percent] and 25 percent [margin] depending on partnership level and discounts,” said Tim Madsen, channel marketing manager at CyberPower in an interview with CRN at XChange 2019. “We offer special discounts on pricing over $1,000. Our goal at CyberPower is really to make selling power easy.”

The new CyberPower Smart App UPS Online high-density solution provides is the first-ever 5,000-VA and 6,000-VA with a 2U design. The UPS features double-conversion topology for seamless power protection and a user-friendly LCD control panel while the compact design provides more power in less space to allow room to grow.

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The CyberPower Smart App UPS Online has advanced charging process that maintains the voltages of the batteries at the same level to increase battery life. The solution also has easy battery replacement and an auto-rotating, multi-function color screen.

“There are a lot of awesome customer-inspired features including a full color control LCD panel that notifies user at a glance with different colors on UPS status, event logs and diagnostics. There’s also a lot of feature-rich power management options in the UPS including battery equalization,” said Madsen. “We have the online topology perfect for high end networking, servers, storage and switches, as well as a user replaceable battery on the front panels. So it’s a fantastic new UPS that we’re launching, very innovative and unique in the marketplace.”

The UPS system is compatible with CyberPower’s PowerPanel Business power management software that is available for free to download.

Each CyberPower channel partner has a dedicated account manager.

“You’re working with that account manager day-in and day-out. If you bring in an opportunity with a networking project or something that is going in an IT rack, our goal is to take care of the power for you,” said Madsen. “You send us over the specification and the battery backup that you need for your project, we’ll deliver the specs and product suggestions, and you can go add that as an attachment to your project.”

Founded in 1997, Shakopee, Minn.-based CyberPower designs and manufactures a slew of solutions including UPS systems, power distribution units (PDUs), surge protectors, mobile charging devices, connectivity devices and Fiber-to-the-Premise backup power solutions.