Take A Ride Inside The Dell Technologies Tour Trailer

CRN takes a look inside the Dell Technologies Tour, a mobile trailer that travels across the country to give customers hands-on experience with a slew of Dell products – from PCs and displays to VxRail and Isilon.

If customers can’t meet with Dell Technologies to test out new products, Dell will come to them with its Dell Technologies Tour trailer, filled with the latest gear for people to test and play around with.

“Our customers said over and over again, they wanted to get their hands on our product and not everybody can get over to Round Rock, Texas, or Boston, Massachusetts, to check that out. So this is our way of getting our products in the hands of customers,” said Mona Singh, Dell Technologies Tour, Strategy & Operations, Program Owner at Dell in an interview with CRN at Dell Technologies World this week.

In a move to help drive sales, Dell constructed a traveling tour trailer to give customers a fun and hands-on experience testing out products – from PCs and displays to Dell EMC Isilon storage and its flagship hyper-converged infrastructure product VxRail. The trailer also has virtual reality and a racecar game for entertainment.

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Dell Technologies Tour is a mobile product “experience” that visits customers across the nation to showcase the company’s latest innovations. Dell experts provide in-depth conversation about the specific technologies and use cases inside the massive trailer that once parked, folds out to create even more space for people to roam around.

“We started with a little RV. Went out on the road to see our customers,” said Singh. “Over the years people told us, ‘Hey we want to see more products. We want to see some of your infrastructure solutions. We want to see that VxRail up front.’ So we went right back to the table and built out this beautiful trailer. So this pops out on both sides and we take it to different campuses. So offices – we’ll do a lunch event. We’ll bring a food truck and also, during the week in some of those cities, we’ll also go to a brewery. We’ll park up there and have our customers come out, check out the tour and then go walk around, enjoy their beer and have a great night.”

The mobile tour trailer made a stop at Dell Technologies World this week in Las Vegas, opening up shop for the more than 14,000 customers and channel partners in attendance.

Upcoming city destinations in the Dell Technologies Tour include Atlanta; Memphis, Tenn.; Miami; Nashville, Tenn.; Orlando, Fla.; Oklahoma City and Tampa, Fla.