Dell Going Big With Partners In Data Center

Dell’s Curtis Hutcheson said the data center market is "ripe for disruption," and the company is looking to partners for help.

The vice president lauded Dell's focus on data center disruption and enterprise business.

"We feel like we've got the building blocks to go disrupt the data center; we need our partners to help us to go tell that story. We've got to understand what customers are doing -- we need to understand what workloads they're driving, what business applications need to go faster -- and partners have the reach into the customers to do that, to take on the entire data center footprint."

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Hutcheson said he hopes to make partner business count for more than half of all Dell enterprise business. "We're totally committed," he said. "We're going big and deep with our select partners."

Hutcheson also said converged infrastructure is a "game-changer," and called this the most exciting time in the industry.