IBM: z13 Trumps x86, Public Cloud On Price And Performance

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After spinning off its x86 server business toLenovo, IBM has moved on to what it considers new and improved hardware. In January, the company introducedIBM z13, which IBM's Steven Dickens discussed with CRNtv at this week'sRed Hat Summit2015.

"We feel this gives us a new platform to engage with the Linux community around providing a robust enterprise platform for their Linux deployments,’ Dickens said.

IBM z13 enables users to run up to 8,000 virtual machines at once "at a total cost of ownership point, which you can't get on x86," Dickens said.

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According to IBM, z13 costs 82 percent less than equivalent x86 environments and is up to 60 percent less expensive than public cloud environments.

"In addition, what we're doing in the open source community is bringing all the tools that people know and love -- but on an enterprise-grade platform," Dickens said.

IBM z13 is available for resale to IBM partners.