HP: Superdome X Servers Made Possible by Partner, Linux Community

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HP credits the Linux community and Red Hat partners with its breakthrough x86 Superdome X server, which Distinguished Technologist Tom Vaden showed off to CRNtv at the recentRed Hat Summitin Boston.

Vaden said it took working "upstream" with Red Hat partners and the Linux community to get the Superdome X to a place where it could scale and perform well. He said HP faced ’a lot of interesting challenges over the past couple of years getting it enabled because it’s a really big machine.’

The Superdome X features scalability of up to 16 sockets and includes a HANA in-memory database.

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Vaden said HANA enables "full use of a big 12-TB machine, [which] is a use case that a lot of people really are interested in with data analytics and such, being able to do that in memory, you can do things in seconds that used to take days."

For example, Vaden said, DNA analysis that used to take seven or eight days can now be processed in a number of minutes.

The Superdome X also boasts a reported 95 percent reduction in memory outages over standard x86 servers.