Cisco Predicts 180 Billion Applications Will Be Downloaded In 2015

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New figures from Cisco’s vice president of data center solutions and UCS management, Satinder Sethi, show how rapidly the data center is changing, and its effects on the rest of IT.

According to Sethi, who spoke at the recent Red Hat Summit in Boston, 30 million new devices are connected every week, and 180 billion mobile applications will be downloaded in 2015.

’At 3 billion users, that’s 60 applications per user,’ Sethi said.

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Cisco predicts that by 2020 an individual will have an average of more than 5 TB of data, and 78 percent of workloads will be processed in cloud data centers by 2017. Sethi said these numbers represent a ’major market transition’ that will ’disrupt every business we know of.’

’These applications which used to live in the data center are not going to be the only ones in that space. It’s going to be applications in the data center, applications in the cloud, and applications at the edge,’ Sethi said.

The ’edge’ represents the space powered by the Internet of Things.

’ IT needs to accommodate the reality that the boundaries of the data center are shifting beyond the traditional definition,’ Sethi said. ’They need to power the applications at every scale.’

At the same time, IT professionals will need to ensure a consistent user experience and continue to handle traditional applications like CRM and email, according to Sethi.