Breaking News: NYSE Suspends All Trading

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Breaking news here at CRN as the New York Stock Exchange has halted all trading.

The NYSE has cited internal technical issues as the reason for the trading suspension. Trading was halted at 11:32 a.m., but the floor director said the Exchange had been experiencing technical problems before the market opened this morning.

The NYSE has not provided any further details around the issue, but the Department of Homeland Security has said it does not appear to be a hack or security breach. Trades continue on the Nasdaq, but all open orders on the NYSE have been canceled.

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Many stocks trade on dedicated electronic networks, and these are unaffected by the issue. NYSE Arca remains unaffected.

U.S. indexes started the day on a downward trend following anxiety around China’s sliding markets. The Dow Jones industrial average has dropped 215 points, and Nasdaq is down 73 points.

In a statement, the NYSE said it is ’working to resolve [the issue] as quickly as possible.’

UPDATE:Trading resumed at 3:10 p.m. Eastern, according to CNN Money.