Scale Computing Co-Founder Demos How To Set Up Disaster Recovery In Minutes

Jason Collier, founder of Indianapolis-based Scale Computing, dropped by CRN's offices to show off his company’s hyper-converged infrastructure technology and share "how great this platform is [and] how simple this platform is compared to VMware."

Setting up disaster recovery using Scale Computing's software only requires that you "click a button, fill in a few fields, and that's it," Collier said.

Scale Computing says it shipped 1,600 appliances in 2016,saving customers an estimated $32 million in VMware licensing costs.

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"It's like your system administrator built into the box. So it starts that VM up, and it goes and it finds out which node it wants to put this on," he said. "You don't have to tell it what node to start up on, because it's making the decisions for you--which is what makes it incredibly simple."

"If I want to set up replication to a remote site, I simply come down to this tab--there's a drop-down for setup replication. I go in here, and here are the clusters that I can pick from," Collier said. "This is also our remote recovery services that can run in a cloud platform. So guess what? DR done."

The fast-growing hyper-converged virtualization appliance maker is rolling out itsfirst multi-tier channel programas part of a massive mid-market offensive. The company plans to grow its channel partner base to 1,000 solution providers by the end of this year, up from 200 today.