Intel's Jason Kimrey: Drones Showcase The Art Of The Possible

The drone industry is taking off, changing the way we construct our cities, respond to emergencies and extract data.

’It’s a really interesting business opportunity for us as we start to reimagine fireworks shows through things like the drone shows,’ said Jason Kimrey, managing director of Americas partner sales at Intel. ’But it’s also helping us solve really interesting challenges – everything around AI, machine learning.’

Intel turned heads when it performed a drone lights show at Coachella and at the Olympics. It comes as experts say the public is becoming more accepting of the devices.

’Over the last several years, the cost of the vehicles has started to come down to the point where they are more readily available across all platforms,’ said Jeff Adams, co-founder of Unmanned Aerial Systems Development.

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’The questions I get asked have shifted from, 'What is that thing?' to 'How cool is that?’ said Ian Ray, CTO of Airshark.

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