Partner Connection: Moving At The Speed Of Business

The speed of business is moving faster than ever. Neither you – the solution provider – or your customers can afford to miss a beat when it comes to this changing IT landscape. That’s where the partner connection comes into play. In segment one of our Partner Connection video series, we tackle your need to work with vendor partners who move at your pace.

Katie Boeh, director of channel marketing and communications at APC, says one of the most important things that partners ask of their vendor partners is to be easy to do business with. ’That’s one of the top things that they ask us for and ask of their vendors that they’re working with. 'Just please make it easy, make it fast,'" says Boeh.

Opportunity Registration Program

Jeremy Edwards, APC’s regional director of channel field sales, East, wants partners to know that it has streamlined registration. ’We’ve made it easier to do business with. Instead of being eight pages long, we got it down to a nice one-pager, so people can understand what the discounts are,’ says Edwards.

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APC’s Opportunity Registration Program helps partners stretch their budgets even further with a sweep of increased protected discounts, with no revenue minimum.

’As deal sizes get smaller, again, you talk about going away from chasing big data centers to the nature of IT becoming very distributed, some of the projects are smaller. We’re getting feedback from partners asking, ’If my deal isn’t a certain size, how am I supposed to get any protection from APC?’’ says Boeh.

ORP accommodates these smaller IT stacks that have become the new norm for solution providers. And partners who bring data center-like resiliency to edge computing environments are still protected with the Edge IT Discount and Traditional Deal Registration programs.

’We want to partner with you on all of your opportunities, regardless of deal size, regardless of environment. Come to us, register the deal, and we’ll work out where we can help you with the protected discount,’ says Boeh.

APC’s Edge Configurator

’They have an easy way to just go to bid and quote it. So, it’s quicker, it’s faster and the discounts are steeper. But they’re not just providing UPS’s anymore, they’re providing a full solution,’ says Edwards.

When partners speak, APC listens. Find out the other ways partners can be better connected in part two of our video series, which focuses on double field coverage.