Partner Connection: Humanizing Tech With More Feet On The Street

In today’s connected world, sometimes we forget about the human side of the industry. Almost half of all work can now be automated, according to a recent report by McKinsey. But technology isn’t always a substitute for connecting with actual people.

Katie Boeh, director of channel marketing and communications at APC, finds that the new currency of the market is connection. And that includes partners’ connections to vendors.

’Having increased field coverage gives you more touch points, helps you build stronger relationships and gives you more opportunity,’ says Jeremy Edwards, APC regional director, channel field sales, East.


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’I want them to realize that they have somebody that really cares about their business. We aren’t just here to sell batteries and hardware. We’re here to help you evolve your solution sets or your company transformation as this new digital marketplace and Internet of Things takes hold,’ says Edwards.

’It’s just that added extra support knowing that there’s going to be somebody that’s always responsive to them, knowing that somebody is looking out for their customer as well as them,’ says Boeh.

And APC’s ultimate goal is to treat even its smallest of partners like they’re all enterprise-level accounts. Stay tuned for our final installment of our Partner Connection series, where we unveil the new way APC is helping you optimize your IT coverage.