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Your data center is where the action is.

It hosts centralized IT operations and equipment. It stores, manages and disseminates data. It houses the network’s most critical systems. And it’s vital to the continuity of daily operations. But today’s data centers require unique server solutions that run complex, business-critical workloads. As a result, more resources are needed to develop those solutions.

If you’re thinking the cloud is the ultimate panacea, you’re not alone. According to an Intel and Bain analysis, up to 80 percent of workloads will run on a cloud architecture by 2024. Also, 60% of IT workloads will run in the cloud by 2019 according to 451 Research.

How can you decide what should move to the cloud?

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During a recent ChannelCast sponsored by Intel and The Channel Company, Nick Pasero, Intel product manager for datacenter solutions, discussed Intel Data Center Blocks for Business.

Intel Data Center Blocks for Business are fully validated, unbranded server systems that include Intel’s latest data center technology. They are built to address a variety of challenges facing business IT. Each configuration is optimized for a specific workload or business scenario:

Intel Data Center Blocks are server building blocks designed to target specific segments, including cloud, networking, HPC and business. These purpose-built systems help solution providers speed time to market, drive innovation and increase adoption.

Select from workload-optimized systems or customize a solution unique to your customers’ needs with Intel Data Center Blocks.