WATCH: Nutanix Teases What’s Next For Partners At Next 2019

Chris Kaddaras, senior vice president and general manager of the Americas and EMEA, says Nutanix is seeing huge momentum following the launch of its partner charter last year.

Nutanix launched a new partner charter last year, pushing to even the channel playing field by emphasizing incentives around new deals and training rather than solely sales. That was in August and in an interview with CRNtv at Nutanix Next 2019, Chris Kaddaras, senior vice president and general manager of the Americas and EMEA, says there’s still more to come.

What have you seen since the launch of the new partner program in August?

What we’ve done is we’ve started to really mature our program and mature our relationship with partners. By putting this program in place, what we’ve allowed our partners to do is really understand what they need to do to become more relevant to the customer and to be more relevant in the marketplace. It also gave them the ability to differentiate in the marketplace, which I think is really important in any partner program. It’s still early days but we’ve seen a lot of people adopt the program, a lot of partners receive the certifications and the trainings they can get to position new solutions to customers. So, it’s really exciting for us.

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There have been 16,000 new partner certifications as a result of the changes. What are you planning to do to continue that momentum?

It will be hard to top that. We needed to bring all of our partners up to certain foundational point with our core offering. I think we will focus now on how we bring them up to speed and certified and really give them the tools they need to differentiate with some of our newer products, and that’s the point we need to spend the time on. So, as we bring newer products and we bring new solutions to the marketplace, how do we then use that foundational program that we already built to allow them to get the knowledge they need and the toolsets they need to allow our customers to succeed in the marketplace?

Watch CRNtv’s video for more of our interview Kaddaras.