10 Cool Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Tech Lovers In 2023

These tech-oriented Valentine’s Day gifts will cater to travel lovers, fitness aficionados, chefs in training, gamers, long-distance lovebirds and fashionistas, but we also threw in one thought for a practical gift that will appeal to the broader tech-attuned masses.

Looking For Fun, Romantic Or Practical? We Have You Covered

It’s that time of year again, and you’re looking for something a little outside the box to give your significant other for Valentine’s Day. And since you’re reading this in an IT publication, it’s likely “outside the box” means that such a gift must be tech-related in some way.

The good news is we have tech lovers covered for cool Valentine’s Day gifts, with suggestions ranging from wearables and smart beds to games and cutting-edge kitchen appliances. We even threw in a practical gift in the mix because sometimes you and your partner need something for a specific purpose, even if it’s technically not “fun” or “romantic.”

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There is one gift idea on here that is ripe for romantic occasions — scratch that, there are at least two, but we’ll let your imagination figure out which ones we’re talking about. Your definition of romance may open the aperture significantly to cover everything on our list, in which case we’re thankful. The bottom line is that these are ideas for gifts your partner may like and, in many cases, enjoy with you.

What follows are 10 cool Valentine’s Day gifts for tech lovers in 2023.

Bond Touch More

Price at time of publication: $75.65

Where to buy: Bond Touch store

Remember Facebook’s poke button? The Bond Touch More is a wearable that takes the concept to a new, tactile level by letting you make a combination of taps, swiples and touches on the device that translates into vibrations on a corresponding bracelet worn by your partner. This makes the wearable especially fitting for couples who often find themselves at a distance. The Bond Touch More comes with a smartphone app that lets you connect with up to three loved ones, and it lets you choose meanings for certain gestures on top of sending photos and messages.

Descent: Legends of the Dark

Price at time of publication: $139.86

Where to buy: Amazon

For the couples who love playing in-depth board games, Descent: Legends of the Dark brings a tech spin to Dungeons & Dragons-type role-playing adventures with a free companion app that acts like the dungeon master, guiding two to four players through 14 story campaigns on a tabletop board and controlling the monsters they face along. The app-driven board game comes with terrain pieces, miniatures for heroes and monsters, dice, and other game pieces.

ErgoSportive Smart And Adjustable Bed (Split King)

Starting price at time of publication: $5,999

Where to buy: ErgoSportive store

If fitness is core to your relationship with your partner, the ErgoSportive smart and adjustable bed is one way to take your sleep and recovery after physical activity to a new level. The bed comes with advanced smart sensors that track sleep stages and health metrics like heart and respiration rates. It can automatically adjust the positions of your head and body to decompress the spine, facilitate blood flow and reduce snoring, but the bed can also be programmed using a free companion app. Using the sensor data, the app provides customized recommendations on how to properly recover from workouts in addition to giving you control over the bed’s position. While the bed is available in queen size, the split king size allows both sides of the bed to be independently adjusted.

HERO11 Black Mini

Price at time of publication: $299.98

Where to buy: GoPro store

Like to go on adventures with your significant other? The HERO11 Black Mini video camera is a great companion for couples who want to document their journeys, particularly when those trips are of the high-octane type: skiing, skydiving, rockclimbing, dirt biking, surfing, you name it. The HERO11 has a smaller and lighter design compared to its predecessors, making it an even better fit for wearing to capture first-person footage. The device is extra durable too and can operate in water as deep as 33 feet. The camera can shoot video in a 5,300-megapixel resolution with 60 frames per second or in 4K with 120 frames per second. Once you’re done taking footage, the camera automatically uploads footage to the cloud and curates the best highlights with a GoPro subscription.

It Takes Two (PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch)

Price at time of publication: $15.99 to $39.99

Where to buy: Depends on platform

For the couples who game together, It Takes Two provides a humorous, story-driven cooperative experience that requires both people to bring their best skills to the couch. We’re talking about a couch that can be both literal and metaphorical since this game can be played together locally or online. This award-winning game takes troubled couple Cody and May, who have been shrunk down into dolls by a magic spell, through a series of unique challenges that put their relationship to the test. The game is available to play on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.

Nix Hydration Biosensor

Price at time of publication: $129

Where to buy: Nix shop

It may not come to mind immediately, but when it comes to the most important ingredients of a successful relationship, hydration is very high up there. With that in mind, we suggest the Nix Hydration Biosensor for couples who work out for 45 minutes or longer. The Nix consists of a rechargeable pod that fits over a proprietary, single-use sweat patch worn on the arm. Within the pod is a biosensor that “quantifies when, what, and how much to drink (water or electrolytes) while analyzing your sweat moment-to-moment,” according to Nix’s website. This data is fed to a companion app for smartphones and smart watches, which provides real-time hydration data and recommendations on how to “improve your athletic performance, safety and well-being.”

NOVA H1 Audio Earrings

Price at time of publication: 695 euros

Where to buy: NOVA store

If your significant other loves to wear pearl earrings while listening to music or podcasts, you can help them combine these interests into one with the Nova H1 audio earrings. The NOVA H1 makes this possible by embedding wireless earbuds into a pair of pearl earrings, which are available on a gold- or silver-plated clip. The earbuds make use of NOVA’s patented Directional Sound technology, which “makes audio invisible and allows you to stay connected and receptive to the world around you,” according to the company’s website. The battery can last up to 18 hours, and the earrings come with a charging case. The earbuds are compatible with iOS and Android devices.

The Rise Garden

Starting price at time of publication: $749

Where to buy: Rise store

Is your partner a fan of cooking with fresh ingredients? Help them make things garden-fresh with the Rise Garden, an app-connected indoor gardening system that aims to mimic a natural growing environment with a “nutrient-rich growing medium and full-spectrum LED lighting.” The lighting setup has high photosynthetic active radiation, which allows plants to grow better indoors. The garden system cuts down on water use by recirculating it through a patented water flow system. The Rise Garden comes with a companion smartphone app, which makes it easy to manage your garden by telling you when to add more water or nutrients. The system is available in three sizes, ranging in vegetable capacity from 36 to 108 for the largest configuration.

Satechi 165W USB-C 4-Port PD GAN Charger

Price at time of publication: $119.99

Where to buy: Amazon

There’s nothing wrong with practical gifts, especially if you find yourself and your partner often using multiple devices in the same area. That scenario is where the Satechi 165W USB-C 4-Port PD GAN Charger could come in real handy. The charging hub has four USB-C ports, and with its 165 watts of power, the hub can charge laptops, smartphones and other mobile devices at the same time.

Thermomix TM6

Price at time of publication: $1,499

Where to buy: Thermomix store

Your partner has big culinary ambitions, but the counter real estate in your apartment is limited, hurting the prospects of how many appliances you can fit in the kitchen. This is where the Thermomix TM6 comes in. The TM6 is an all-in-one kitchen appliance that can cook dishes on multiple levels. It can also emulsify, whip and whisk, sauté and caramelize, steam, ferment, stir, mix, blend, chip, grind and knead ingredients within a small footprint that is roughly the size of an air frier or Instant Pot. The appliance comes with a touch screen that has access to more than 80,000 guided recipes as well as digital meal planning tools and shopping lists, available via Thermomix’s Cookidoo subscription.