The 10 Coolest IoT Software Companies: The 2024 Internet Of Things 50

As part of CRN’s 2024 Internet Of Things 50 list, here are the coolest and most noteworthy vendors who are innovating and making big moves within the IoT software space.

With businesses primed to continue investing in IoT capabilities, there is great opportunity for solution providers to work with software vendors who are delivering new innovations around device management, data analytics and other critical areas.

According to research firm Stratview, the IoT software market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 24.7 percent to $1.6 trillion by 2029 from $346.6 billion in 2022.

“The software solutions market is expected to be the largest in the IoT industry due to the automation of key processes in industries such as critical infrastructure and manufacturing,” the firm said in its report.

For the 2024 Internet of Things 50, CRN picked the coolest and most noteworthy vendors who are innovating and making big moves within the IoT software space. What follows are descriptions of each company, which range from Amazon Web Services and Eigen Innovations to Radix IoT and Voxel.

Amazon Web Services

Adam Selipsky


Amazon Web Services enables businesses to develop and manage IoT applications with a relentless march of new features and services. These new features include the Amazon Bedrock generative AI service, which the Seattle-based cloud services provider says can be combined with AWS IoT TwinMaker to create an AI assistant that can answer complex questions about a manufacturing environment.

Eigen Innovations

Erin Barrett


Eigen Innovations is helping manufacturers reduce defects in production and increase revenue with its OneView machine vision platform. The Canada-based company’s recent developments include a partnership with global plastics leader Ampacet LIAD to integrate the Spectro 4.0 color monitoring and management solution into Eigen’s platform to reduce color-based defects.


William Cowell de Gruchy

Founder, CEO

Infogrid’s AI-powered smart building platform is modernizing the commercial real estate world. The company’s platform auto­mates and optimizes facilities and building management with the goal of creating healthy, sustainable and profitable spaces. The London-based company is in expansion mode after raising $90 million in equity and an additional $30 million in debt facilities last year.

Litmus Automation

Vatsal Shah

Co-Founder, CEO

Litmus Automation is helping manufacturers realize the true promise of IoT with its centralized software platform for indus­trial data. The Santa Clara, Calif.-based company’s expanded capabilities include the ability to create digital twins for a variety of purposes, including predictive maintenance. In addition, the company makes it easier for customers to evaluate, deploy and adopt its software platform by offering them a self-service portal.


Satya Nadella

Chairman, CEO

Microsoft provides businesses with a comprehensive set of cloud services to build and run scalable IoT applications that have an impact across a number of industries. The Redmond, Wash.-based company’s Azure IoT portfolio includes Azure IoT Operations, a recently added service that helps businesses digitize their physical operations and analyze the data these assets collect to make better decisions.


Shiva Nathan

Founder, CEO

IoT software development is one of the use cases for Onymos’ features-as-a-service platform, which provides a communication layer, utility functions login system, geodata service and other capabilities needed to build a product. Menlo Park, Calif.-based Onymos positions its platform as connecting directly to users’ clouds—avoiding an intermediary server that could interfere with data access—and allows for source code licensing to avoid vendor lock-in, among other benefits.


Scott Ford

Co-Founder, CEO

Pepper leverages a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering that promises faster turnkey IoT products with a unified cloud-based experience meant to work with any device and protocol. The Overland Park, Kan.-based vendor aims to help users with firm­ware and application development, custom services and device connectivity.


Neil Barua

President, CEO

A new CEO could mean fresh vision from PTC, whose industrial IoT portfolio includes Kepware and ThingWorx. Boston-based PTC’s Kepware offers factorywide connectivity and real-time data from industrial equipment and systems, while ThingWorx focuses on performance improvement, augmented reality experi­ences, mean time to repair and other measures.

Radix IoT

Fred Dirla


Radix IoT recently improved its cloud-native Mango infrastructure operating system to reduce bandwidth use, enhanced system performance and provided event suppression or persistence on restarts as part of the startup’s continued investment in its portfo­lio. The Dallas-based vendor, founded in 2020, touts Mango as a way to gain insight from data with scalability and without vendor lock. Use cases include data centers, distributed workspaces and telecommunications.


Alex Kaveh Senemar

Co-Founder, CEO

Voxel’s vision of leveraging tech to improve workplace safety landed the startup a $12 million strategic investment toward the end of 2023. The San Francisco-based company, founded in 2020, says that its platform lowers liability and drives productivity through visibility to injuries and facility risks, flagging issues from workers not wearing hard hats to people lifting objects in a way that could result in back pain.