Michael Dell Shares His Vision For IoT And The Edge

As Dell Technologies debuted its new IoT Division Tuesday, CEO Michael Dell spoke in New York to share his view that the promise of the Internet of Things suggests we are now "standing at the beginning of a new reality."

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"This is a reality where sensors act as senses, and the processing is done in silicon and software. And soon there will be a perfect visual mirror of our world with every object streaming information. And this is the edge, as we call it. And it will be everywhere, and everything," Dell said.

"That is the Internet of Things, and ultimately it will be the internet of everything. And it's happening fast. With the cost of a connected node approaching zero dollars, the number of them is absolutely exploding. We'll soon have 100 billion connected devices, and then a trillion. And we'll be awash in rich data.

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"But more importantly, we'll have the ability to harness that data, with unprecedented computing power and fifth-generation connectivity, we can engage in massive engines of computer science to analyze that data and drive radical progress through our global society," he said.

"In fact, I believe that AI and machine learning will be the jet engines of human progress. And data will be the fuel for that progress."