Samsung Offers Services, Modules To Bolster Security At The Edge For The Artik IoT Platform

Samsung on Wednesday revealed new systems-on-modules and services that the company said will improve its Artik IoT platform by tightening security at the edge.

James Stansberry, senior vice president and general manager of Samsung’s Artik IoT business, said in a press release that the new platform features would help companies that are not prepared to secure ’every link of the chain’ in IoT solutions, from device to the cloud.

"Security in the age of IoT means new levels of complexity and risk," said Stansberry. "The next generation of IoT products and services will be more deeply integrated into our lives than ever before …With the Artik IoT Platform and our new security hardened system-on-modules, we make it easier and more affordable for companies to adopt best security practices and deliver trustworthy products that will shape the future of IoT."

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Samsung’s new Artik IoT modules, which come with hardware-backed security, are meant for edge node applications like sensors and controllers, to connected devices and gateways.

The South Korean-based company hopes its new secure IoT modules provide a "strong root of trust" from the device all the way to the cloud, using an array of security measures, so manufacturers have built-in defenses for both the device and data from the start.

These security measures include a hardware-protected Trusted Execution Environment with a secure operating system and security library where customers can process, store and manage sensitive resources.

The modules also come bolstered with public key infrastructure – enabling mutual authentication to the cloud to identify each device on the network – and a Secure Boot feature to validate software authenticity.

The modules will also support IoT Security services such as device onboarding, orchestration, management and over the air (OTA) updates.

Since the launch of Artik in 2015, Samsung has been funneling more investments into its IoT platform around security.

In May, the company said its platform now enables secure services for device onboarding, so that customers can automatically onboard into the network; new device and user management services; and edge node management services.

"Artik has been evolving since its inception," James Stansberry, senior vice president and head of Artik U.S., at Samsung, told CRN at the time. "It's now an enterprise-grade program that helps reduce time to market, increase growth opportunities without limits to interoperability, and make it easier for companies to secure IoT."

While not commenting on Samsung's announcement directly, one solution provider recently noted that IoT's reach across so many technology areas does create a well-defined role for partners as trusted advisors. "IoT is something which is not out-of-the-box,’ said Maxence Cacheux, SVP of sales and business development for Mobiliya, a Dallas-based Samsung partner. "A lot of effort goes in identifying what needs to be done, how it needs to be done, what devices, what protocols, what cloud and so on. Customers first need to test the waters before going for full-fledged development, and that is where they need a partner like us who can provide end-to-end consulting, system integration, and security across IoT ecosystem.’

Samsung’s IoT modules will be available on November 30 through Samsung Artik channel partners, said Samsung.