CRN Exclusive: IoT Company Globetouch Snaps Up Security Player Netsnapper

Globetouch, an Internet of Things connectivity company, has acquired IoT security company Netsnapper as the company looks to secure its car connectivity offerings.

Riccardo Di Blasio, CEO of Oakland, Calif.-based Globetouch, told CRN that security has been top of mind for customers – particularly those in the connected car market.

’The more connected cars and IoT fleets that are populating the planet, the more customers are becoming concerned about protecting the communication between the car and the server or cars and other cars,’ said Di Blasio. ’Our goal isn’t to be a security company – we’re connectivity people – but we want a better answer when customers ask about the protocol to secure the communication layer.’

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Di Blasio, who said building up a channel will be an essential part of his overall strategy to scale Globetouch's business, said the acquisition would help partners jump-start conversations around security with customers.

Luxembourg-based Netsnapper provides security offerings for connected car, industrial IoT and smart city applications. The company’s portfolio includes a cloud-based client-server offering comprised of key modules for security and management of IoT devices.

Terms of the deal, including price, were not disclosed.

Netsnapper’s security offerings will be integrated into Globetouch’s flagship offerings, including connectivity product GConnect and management offering GControl, which is built on a cloud SIM scalable architecture. Globetouch also offers an IoT analytics and orchestration tool, GFusion.

’We offer connectivity, fleet management and real-time analytics, and now will have GSecure functionality where clients can protect any tunnel of communication for their connected fleet,’ said Di Blasio. ’We want to have a security jacket wrapped around the connectivity layer of the devices.’

Beyond securing connected cars, Di Blasio said that the acquisition of Netsnapper will help Globetouch tap into the security company’s vertical market expertise to eventually expand into new markets – including industrial IoT and smart cities.

’This acquisition also gives Globetouch a huge boost to open addressable markets … we’re open to new opportunities in industrial IoT and others beyond our focus in the automotive space,’ he said.

’Security is key for M2M applications, and it’s a serious talking point for partners to bring to customers … the fact that we’re taking it into our road plans should show customers that it’s a top priority for Globetouch,’ said Talia Wise, associate vice president of marketing at Globetouch.