iRobot CEO: Robotics Is An IoT Solution

Could robotics provide solutions that would help the Internet of Things to go mainstream? iRobot CEO Colin Angle believers IoT-integrated robots can solve issues around IoT device mapping and maintenance.

’In order for the Internet of Things to work, we need maps,’ Angle said. ’We need to understand where all these devices are. We need to maintain them, and a robot can do that on its own every day.’

Angle used the example of the simple Roomba robot, which quickly learns where walls meet and furniture lies.

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’While it’s doing that, why not build a map?’ Angle proposed.

That way, as the Roomba cleans, it can also test whether connected lights are still operative. That type of robot can also be used to turn lights on and off depending on room usage to save energy.

’There’s no reason why they also couldn’t be creating heat maps of your home,’ Angle said, pointing out that the Roomba could become a roaming smart thermostat.