Tour A Historic Home Completely Outfitted With IoT Devices

When Daniel Lieber, president of Innovative Ideas Unlimited, bought his Wakefield, Mass., home in 1998, he had a specific vision for the centuries-old house.

’I saw a home that needed to be repaired and I saw a lot of potential,’ said the solution provider. ’So I took a vision that I had of restoring an old home, and combining it with my love of gadgets, technology and other components, and did a variety of automations though the process.’

The Lieber family is the seventh family to live in the house since the 1700s. The remains of the original owner of the homestead, Captain Goodwin, reside in a cemetery down the street.

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Lieber’s first goal was to bring the house up to ’current electric standards and plumbing standards’ while reconstructing the house down to its very foundation.

’We also decided to really automate things, to get things to be much more convenient, comfortable and, ultimately, livable,’ he said.

Today, the house is outfitted with automated dimming lights in nearly every room, an IoT-elevated security system, and a connected HVAC system. The basement, which Lieber completely gutted and renovated, features moisture sensors that send him text alerts when drainage seeps into the original stone walls.

Even the pool out back is automated, and a waterfall features the stone that once operated as a front step to early Americans residing in the house.

Lieber said his automated systems help keep him aware of the goings-on inside the structure of his home, which is even more crucial in a historic home.

’Energy conservation is one of the main areas [of concern] – a lot of older homes have a lot of leakage through HVAC, they have leakage through walls, so you need to know what system are on, what systems are off,’ he said.