GE CEO: Partners Need To 'Embrace The Future' For Internet of Things

General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt came on stage at Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco this week to talk about how GE and Intel are approaching the Internet of Things from the industrial vertical.

Immelt said GE, which is big in the industrial space and other verticals, is seeing more digital transformation in businesses, particularly in operational technology, as they embrace the Internet of Things.

"We believe this digital transformation is important … we're in a line of demarcation for industrial companies where you either embrace the future or you'll find yourself not able to satisfy your customers," he said.

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Immelt discussed how Intel processing power will be important for large-scale Internet of Things applications, such as smart cities.

Intel on Wednesday also showed different use cases for the Internet of Things in real life – including connected solutions for firefighters.

As part of this solution, Intel partnered with Honeywell to connect a Quark processor to the firefighters' self-contained breathing apparatus, so that while they are in dangerous areas others can track how much oxygen they have left in their tank – and ultimately make critical life decisions based on that information.

Firefighters are also equipped with a pulse gesture device and activity detector, so that operators can receive that sensory information through Wind River Helix software and track whether they are signaling for help or are in a crawling position.