Intel Developer Forum: Emerson Network Power Showcases Solution For Accelerating IoT Adoption

Emerson Network Power showed off its Internet of Things solution at the Intel Developer Forum, which is taking place in San Francisco this week.

The company, in partnership with Lenovo and OSIsoft, demonstrated its Redfish-based technology, which is designed to speed up real-world implementation of the Internet of Things by increasing security, simplifying system life cycle management, and keeping the total cost of ownership low through REST-based Redfish APIs.

With Emerson Network Power’s system, operations in such vertical industries as banking, manufacturing, healthcare and retail, which run on sites not designed to host IT infrastructure, can improve efficiency at the network edge.

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’Data center operators managing cloud environments and remote facilities continue to be challenged by the various protocols used across systems,’ said Patrick Quirk, vice president of Converged Systems at Emerson Network Power.

’With this integrated system, we’ve demonstrated the viability and value of a simple-to-deploy connectivity engine that resolves protocol differences and accelerates the use of Redfish to support holistic management and closed-loop control,’ said Quirk.

The system at IDF utilized Emerson Network Power’s smart cabinet – integrated with power, sensor and communications infrastructure – to support two Lenovo servers.

Meanwhile, the use of the Emerson Connectivity Engine between OSIsoft’s PI System – which simplifies data infrastructure from process intelligence to operational intelligence - and the gateway allows OSIsoft’s technology to serve as the system’s data of record to provide insight and analytics.