HPE's Universal IoT Platform May Keep You From Ever Circling For Parking Spots Again

Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Universal IoT platform is the company’s vision of the future for a variety of industries, and CRNtv got a hands-on demonstration of the technology.

’One of the key differentiators that we feel like we have in our IoT platform is that it is not a vertically integrated solution that only supports one use case,’ said Jeff Edlund, CTO of the Communications and Media Solution group at HPE.

HPE has built software that creates a connected device so that data can be acquired from it. Through the HPE software, users can also manage the device and extract data to be turned over to the data service cloud for rich analytics performance.

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Edlund demonstrated a real-life use case for the platform through a smart parking solution.

HPE technology partners have developed a smart parking sensor, which uses long-range low power technology to translate data and detect when cars are present. When a car parks over the sensor, it communicates with a gateway as to when and how long a car is present. The sensor has a battery life of 10 to 15 years.

But that’s just the beginning of the possibilities around a smart parking garage. Imagine, Edlund said, never again circling the airport lot for a parking spot.

’You can actually build on this use case. So you can imagine a touch screen kiosk at a parking ramp where you can see visually what parking spaces are available, rather than driving around the ramp, you could select on the touch screen a slot that you want, receive a ticket, and then drive to the slot,’ Edlund said.