PTC: IoT 'Gives Huge Extension For Existing Partners'

Software company PTC is focusing on the ’things’ aspect in ’Internet of Things’ while growing its IoT business.

PTC channel chief Kerry Grimes wants to be clear: The company is not getting out of the CAD business, but rather integrating the Internet of Things into traditional CAD. That holds particularly true for the company’s recently launched Vuforia Studio Enterprise, which allows users to build augmented reality experiences with connected devices, without any programming skills.

’This is reinventing and reinvigorating what our partners have as opportunity in front of them in terms of CAD technology and extending it,’ he said.

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’For us we’re tying it back to things. It’s not really the internet that’s important, it’s the thing,’ he added.

The concentration on IoT is a potential boon for PTC channel partners.

’This gives a huge extension for our existing partners. So our existing partners are excited because they see 10 more years of growth opportunity ahead with working with PTC with what they have today,’ he said.

Cisco partners also may benefit from PTC’s new IoT technologies, as Grimes said he sees major potential for Cisco partners to license PTC technology alongside Cisco products for more complete IoT bundles.