Demo: PTC Uses Augmented Reality To Fix A CAT Generator

PTC’s Vuforia Studio takes the Internet of Things to the real world, as Partner Enablement Specialist DeAnna RoBear demonstrated to CRNtv through an offering crafted to perform maintenance on a CAT generator.

’We can monitor its performance. We’ll also be able to see an augmented reality view of information and a full augmented reality view of a second CAT generator if we wanted to,’ RoBear said.

Vuforia View is PTC’s augmented reality application that identifies a physical ’thingmark’ and syncs up constructed augmented experiences related to the mark.

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RoBear showed how a user can quickly conjure a virtual CAT generator on his or her tablet.

’You can go as far as opening the doors, and walking around making sure it’s the correct model, the correct engine in there, and so on and so forth,’ she said.

The user can then track basic statistics about the generator, like voltage and fuel level.

’If I was the customer, I might be interested in learning how to start the generator, I can augment that process directly on top of the generator without having to look up any manual,’ RoBear demonstrated.

Maintenance technicians can use the technology to quickly identify when parts need replacing, and exactly how to perform the replacement.