Demo: EarlySense Offers Portable Version Of Hospital-Grade IoT Device

International medical technology company EarlySense has provided sensor-enabled data collection for hospital patients for over a decade. Now, for the first time, the company has developed a single-device portable solution that provides in-depth health analytics.

’We’re calling it Live by EarlySense, and what it is, is a wellness and sleep tracker for you and your loved ones,’ said Miranda Shaw, Marketing Manager at EarlySense.

Shaw demonstrated the technology at the Microsoft New England Research and Development Center in Cambridge, Mass.

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How does it work? A flat ’non-contact’ sensor is place underneath the mattress for one user and tracks sleep patterns throughout the night.

’It will record your heart rate, your respiration, and your stress level, so that each morning when you wake up, you’ll have a full wellness analysis, as well as a sleep analysis,’ Shaw said.

The insights the device gives the user are similar to those a patient might receive from a sleep lab.

’It communicates via Bluetooth to your smartphone and then all your information is uploaded to the cloud, where the analysis is done, and the information is pushed back down on your mobile device,’ Shaw explained.