IoT Vendors: Plenty Of Opportunities For SMBs In IoT

Companies like Cisco and Intel have demonstrated the possible applications for the Internet of Things in the enterprise, but their channel partners may be wondering where the opportunity lies for small-to-medium sized businesses, which make up much of their core business. IoT experts from Cisco and ForeScout said in a recent CRN roundtable that there are plenty of areas for SMBs to get in on the action.

Cisco Vice President Tony Shakib said supply chain management and transportation offer opportunities to resellers and MSPs.

"Asset tracking, core tracking, trucking companies that want to just assess their fleet – not a big company, just 30 or 40 [trucks]," present some possibilities for the channel, according to Shakib.

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"It’s just a matter of where do you focus," he said.

ForeScout Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President Rob Greer said Shakib "hit the nail on the head."

"If you're a small-size regional VAR that’s transitioning, this has value,’ he said. ’I think if you’re just not doing the MSSP model, I'd say there's other opportunities to focus on."