Senet Leverages Lower Power Wide Area Network to Boost IoT

The next big thing in IoT may be coming out of the small city of Portsmouth, N.H., where Senet has developed long-range connectivity solutions to enable new IoT expansion.

’We’re building out local lower-power WAN-enabled networks to enable all kinds of applications across various verticals,’ said Steve Ball, senior director of product management at Senet.

Senet is working to put in place an infrastructure that meets smart device and sensor connectivity needs at a low price.

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’One advantage that we’re offering our customers is this lower-power wide-area network technology that offers a very long battery life, and it offers long-range communication at a very low cost,’ he added.

Senet believes the low-power WAN technology will be key to the growth of IoT by providing immediate ROI. Ball cited smart cities as one area of interest to the company.

’We’re looking at, how do these business models change as a result of lower-cost sensors?’ he said.

Ball said Senet is also committed to improving the low-cost connectivity market overall in order to redefine the IoT landscape.

’Our main mission at Senet is to sell network services, and these low-power wide-area network connectivity services, but we also have some of the, arguably, deepest expertise in LoRaWAN protocols and LoRaWAN network implementations in the U.S.,’ Ball said. ’So we offer a suite of services called the foundry, and the whole objective is to help accelerate other sensor-based solutions in the market as a result.’