IoT Channel Executives Sound Off On Market Potential: 'It's Huge'

Experts from leading vendors in and around the Internet of Things market are warning their channel partners not to underestimate the hype around IoT.

’We have sliced and diced this so many different ways. It’s huge. There are certain industries that have been doing it for the last 30 years, they just haven’t called it IoT,’ said Cisco Vice President Tony Shakib.

Furthermore, the opportunities for connected devices do not exist merely in consumer markets.

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’If you look at Gartner and IDC and try to triangulate, you’ll get somewhere around 30 billion connected devices or so by 2020. Now you have to look at that pie and say, 'how much of that is an addressable market for the enterprise?' We estimate that’s probably about 11 billion by 2020,’ said Rob Greer, Senior Vice President at Forescout.

Intel Managing Director Steen Graham’s estimates are even higher.

’The numbers of devices, 50 billion devices, something that we see, are tremendous,’ Graham said. ’Probably, the most compelling number though, is when you look at the data creation and you look at some of these devices. And we live in a zetabyte world today, where you’re creating zetabytes of data and can we get to the next era?’