New Signature Executive: How Solution Providers Can 'Adapt To Fit The Unique IoT Space'

New Signature has tapped into the Internet of Things with a sweet solution -- helping The Hershey Company wire its existing production equipment. But only a few years ago, the company was still wondering how it could build out its IoT practice.

"We didn't know where to start," said Geevaratne at The Channel Company's NexGen conference. "We had heard all the information and seen use cases from niche companies, but we're not a niche player – we're a broad cross-stack on-premises and cloud mobile Microsoft solutions provider."

The key to making money in IoT, stressed Geevaratne, is building out a strategy that takes into account the market opportunity, who you are selling to, what you are selling and how you sell it, how much you can budget around IoT, and who to hire.

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When building a six-month plan, New Signature decided to start with its largest existing customer base and focus in on its existing business intelligence and analytics service offerings.

The company also made an outline to deliver three IoT strategy projects and one IoT implementation, as well as $500,000 in revenue from analytics projects. On the marketing and sales side, the company outlined several goals as well, including launching IoT webinars, events, case studies, sales trainings and sales materials.

A key to success for solution providers in the IoT space is building a "relationship not with IT, but with the business," said Geevaratne.

Through its six-month plan, New Signature was able to help Hershey save hundreds of thousands of dollars, decrease waste and create a leaner operation through connecting its infrastructure so that popular candy – like licorice – could be tracked digitally for weight and other factors along every stage of the production and packaging processes.