IT Vendors Predict Massive IoT Push In Channel For 2017

IT vendors predict that 2017 will be the year that the Internet of Things really hits the channel.

’Within IoT we’re seeing edge computing being a serious trend,’ said Leslie Vitrano, director of marketing at APC by Schneider Electric. ’Not just an IT trend, but a growth trend for both our partners and for vendors."

’This is kind of challenging the way partners do business with their end users, and it’s also challenging – from a vendor perspective – it’s challenging us to be more technically integrated. It’s requiring multiple vendors to work together to provide a solution of various sizes to our partners,’ she added.

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’IoT is going to continue to be a force,’ said Cisco PR Manager Ashley McCann.

McCann said the rise of IoT will call for new security solutions.

’As new IoT use cases continue to emerge, we’re going to see convergence of the necessary security, paired with IoT, and then driven by data,’ she said. ’And that last point, I think, is really important.’

Cisco Data Analyst Corinne Dickey agreed.

’The digital transformation that everyone’s talked about – I think we’re really going to see it full-formed. I think in 2017, and again, using data to make that transition happen will be crucial,’ she said.