Meet The New IoT Robots From LG Electronics

LG Electronics debuted a new smart robot with voice-recognition technology called Hub Robot at CES 2017.

’Basically, the Hub Robot is a new technology from LG that recognizes your daily patterns,’ said LG Electronics’ Jillian Wiley.

Once the Hub Robot establishes its user's patterns, such as daily commuting schedules, it can perform tasks ranging from changing a dryer cycle to adjusting a room’s temperature.

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’It also acts as a gateway to all the appliances in your house that are IoT ’smart,’’ Wiley said.

LG also unveiled a line of smaller robots to complement the Hub Robot, which can be placed in several different rooms of a building and act as part of one network.

The Hub Robot differentiates from the popular Amazon Alexa devices in that it is mobile. It can move around and swivel, and expresses some "emotions" on its display.

’It’s voice-activated, it talks back to you, and it just acts as a tower of things for the IoT appliances to know exactly what you want, and when you want it,’ said Wiley.