Witekio CEO On How IoT Is Bringing Industries Together

Previously focused on creating embedded systems for OEM customers, engineering services firm Witekio has spent the past year repositioning itself as a systems software integrator specializing in the Internet of Things.

The France-based firm, which has a U.S. engineering office in Seattle, has been making the move as the worlds of embedded systems and IT come together, said Witekio CEO Yannick Chammings during a visit to CRN.

"A few years back, the embedded and the IT ecosystem were completely isolated worlds -- it was two separate worlds. And with the IoT, we see today that the two are merging together," Chammings said.

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"This means that there's much more transition of technologies, of methodologies, of different types of customers between the two worlds," he said.

"Typically, a few years back we were doing primarily projects with waterfall methodology. Where today we are working more and more with Agile methodology coming from the IT world.

"For us, it's very important that as an embedded historical player that we basically engage also on this IT world -- bringing not only technical expertise, but also system understanding and even a design type of approach to help our customers," Chammings said.