Modern Edge Minute: 3 Reasons To Innovate With IoT On The Edge

edge computing

"There's a lot more applications that require computing that's closer to the source of data creation. So, that's part of what IoT is all about. It's information sharing and gathering," said Katie Boeh, director of channel marketing and communications at APC.

That increase of information sharing and gathering, as well as latency and bandwidth issues, are three reasons that your customers will want to innovate with IoT on the local edge instead of in the cloud.

"When you think about all of the new connected devices in the industry, where you've got sensors, cameras and they're doing quality control and all that," said Thomas Humphrey, segment director for edge compute at APC. "There's a lot of processing that can happen locally so that not having to send that entire bandwidth of all that data back to the cloud or corporate data center."

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All of those connected devices are talking to each other and transmitting data to properly and efficiently deliver a specific function to your customers.

The real opportunity comes once all of that data coming in is aggregated and we're able to see trends that we're never been able to in the past.

"That's going to create new avenues for operational efficiencies, customer experience. A lot of the things that edge and IoT can provide, it's just going to get more robust the more data sensors and collectors we have out there," said Humphrey.