This Company Is Using IoT To Fight Rats

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For Atos, data is the new oil. 

The France-based global systems integrator is continuing to make big investments in IoT after finding success through its current applications. During the company’s 2018 Global Analyst Conference, executives discussed how its applications have transformed traditional business models through data analytics. 

“A lot of the investments we have at the moment are around data, data monetization, data value creation – that’s not going to go away any time soon,” said Julien Bensaid, vice president and global head of Atos Codex.

Atos partners with RSA, Siemens, Oracle and Dell, among others. The company is well-known for its role in the Olympics, for which it’s been an official IT partner since 2001. 

In one example, Atos is using IoT to create pest-free warehouses.  By using connected rat traps, Atos was able to successfully rid the warehouses of rodents with less poison and at a lower cost. 

In another example, Atos has placed sensors inside coolers holding Coca-Cola products. The sensors track everything from product volume to the coolers’ temperature, notifying the owners of any misuse or electrical outage. 

However, the IoT space is not without its challenges. Bensaid discussed a widening IoT talent gap, as well as the hardship in working with so many different platforms. 

“The reality of IoT is that you are combining so many other platforms and if you want to try and manage that – that’s a huge challenge in and of itself,” said Bensaid. 

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