Intel's Jason Kimrey: 'We Still Think The PC Is The Best Content Creation Device'

The growth of data is creating unprecedented opportunities for Intel. That’s according to Jason Kimrey, Intel’s managing director of North America partner sales, who recently sat down for an interview with CRN.

’Where we are seeing that growth is everything from the PC platform to the data center, but even more emerging areas like Internet of Things and new memory solutions,’ said Kimrey. ’All things around making data flow faster and bringing more value to the user than ever before.’

In recent years, Intel has pushed itself in a new direction, focusing on artificial intelligence, autonomous driving and the Internet of Things. But, that doesn’t mean its PC business is dead.

’I don’t want anyone to think that the PC is not a critical part of our business,’ said Kimrey. ’Some of the most exciting and most innovative form factors we’ve ever had are coming because we still think the PC is the best content creation device.’

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Kimrey also commented on Intel’s investment in 5G. Earlier this month, Intel announced that its chips will power 5G PCs with Sprint.

’It’s really about the network transformation,’ said Kimrey. ’I look at 5G as this tremendous opportunity that’s really going to make things like everything from autonomous driving to smart cities a reality. So, you’re going to see tremendous advances from the device level to the infrastructure and the network.’

Watch CRNtv’s video for more of Jason’s Kimrey interview.