Meet Amelia: IPsoft Shows Off Its Human AI Platform

Amelia may be changing the way we do business.

She’s been recognized as the industry’s most-human digital AI colleague, created by NYC-based IPsoft, a leader in enterprise AI. Amelia has the ability to deliver business value, while creating new lines of revenue. Today, more than 50 global organizations call her their digital colleague.

’Mainly what we are doing in our use cases is a lot of customer service,’ said Edwin Van Bommel, chief cognitive officer at IPsoft. ’Customer has a problem, they come in and they need someone to help. In this case it’s Amelia.’

Amelia will solve your problem completely end-to-end, differing from competitors that may require a link and some self-service from the customer. She can automate any process in a business: She’ll help customers open new bank accounts, process insurance claims and register patients for hospital entry.

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’In general, people find it hard to scale artificial intelligence,’ said Van Bommel. ’So, all the innovation we are doing is not only to make Amelia smarter, but also focused on making imitation much easier.’

Amelia was first released in 2014 and is regularly updated with new versions. But, one thing Van Bommel and his team will never allow is rogue learning. In an interview with CRNtv, he demonstrates how she always learns with a human in control. For that demonstration and more, watch CRNtv’s video in this article.